#3under2 – Ten Weeks Old

We’re in double digits… and only two weeks away from the end of the newborn stage.


I really don’t like the newborn stage as much as I thought I would – my prop snob *ahem* adorable little newborn never really gave me the opportunity to do the things I love about the newborn stage (nursing to sleep, for one), and I really do hate co-sleeping.

But this week, I went on a TRIP!

A kinda-vacation for this overwhelmed and overworked mom of 3 under 2.

Sir G and I went to NY for a day.

I was a little bit nervous about his sleep while we’d be away – we were at my parents’ house, so, while I knew I’d be comfortable and with people I knew, I was a bit worried about G. New house, new smells, sleeping in a pack’n’play instead of a crib… And on top of that were the flights there and back – how would I get him to fall asleep and make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable.

Calm down, Chaya Shifra.

The flight was amazing. I had a window seat at the front of the plane with an empty seat next to me, and a lady in the aisle seat who slept the whole way. G fell asleep fine, and didn’t seem to have a problem with popping ears.

And I was (pleasantly) surprised that he did AMAZINGly at my parents house that night, too! He went down without a problem, and slept beautifully with just one wake for a feed. Wow. Just goes to show how much we underestimate our babies.

I didn’t really have time the next day for a real nap – we were heading to Crown Heights for a free Sleep Seminar – so it was a car nap.

The lovely Sarah Eichler (Hypnobabies instructor and Lactation Consultant – you can check her stuff out at saraheichler.com) hosted my session on my top 7 tips for sleep, and I got to meet the group of ladies who joined us in person.

Back to my parents’ house, made sure the flight was on time, packed up my stuff and came back home to Chicago.

As excited as I was to go away, I was kind of worried about how clingy the girls would be when I got back. Again, I needn’t have worried. They were a little bit more needy than usual, but I felt so recharged from going away for the day that I was able to deal with it so much better.

Lesson learned: taking time out for myself ALWAYS pays off.

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