#3under2 – Eleven Weeks Old


We have an ANSWER to the Clicking Question!!!

(Because, yes, G is STILL clicking. And still taking… hm… just about forever, I think, to eat. Maybe a couple days short of forever.)

My dear little baby has a VERY high palette. Who even knew there was such a thing?

Well, there is.

And that means that despite the tie release, he STILL is clicking. And still not nursing efficiently – because his palette is just too far away for his little tongue to reach properly.

Learning new things every day…

There are a bunch of things I “could” do to “fix” it, but with 3 under 2 (not to mention the fact that I’m working with a bunch of clients so can’t just take off a random morning) I’m just going to wait it out and see how it goes.

Iiiiiin other news I’ve decided to start potty training the twins.

No, I’m not crazy.

Yes, I am crazy.

I was going to wait until G was officially 3 months, but I’ve just been talking about doing it for so so so long, and my dear babysitter who’s been with us since they were 9 weeks old is getting married in a month, so im lo achshav eimasai, right?

And I really do believe they have the cognition level to be able to go along the clueless –> “I made” –> “I’m making” –> “I need to make” continuum. So it’s just a matter of starting and introducing them to it!

Day 1 was tough, as day 1 of ANYTHING new is going to be. S chapped right away… and C is taking her sweet time chapping.

But we’re only on Day 2.

We’ll get there.

I hope.

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