#3under2 – Twelve Weeks Old

WE DID IT!!! We made it to the end of the newborn stage!

I can’t believe we’re actually here…

Of course, things have not really calmed down yet, what with Miss S and Miss C’s potty training adventures. Suffice it to say, I don’t want to talk about it. And I’m going to become a potty training consultant. You just mark my words. (Ok, that’s not really fair – Miss S did a brilliant job and has totally trained herself. Miss C, though, is… well… being herself shall we say. ?)

Sir G is officially traumatized and does not like laying on the floor anymore. I thought we’d gotten to the point that I could trust the girls to sit/lay next to him and I could leave the room for one second (laundry, I think it was). Well, clearly not. I think Miss C tried to lay directly on him (“Huggy, G!”) and he did not appreciate that, to say the least. Since then, every time I try to lay him on the floor, he kvetches for a bit, and then launches into crying.

*sigh* He’ll get over his PTSD eventually.

He’s been doing well on his 1.5 hour awake time, though his naps have regressed to just one sleep cycle

The good news is that, at 12 weeks old (can you believe it?!), there’s a lot more that I can do to encourage him to lengthen those naps.

It continues to astound me how much we’ve all changed in the last 12 weeks with 3 under 2… and the girls are only 2 weeks away from their second birthday…

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