#3under2 – Two Weeks Old

Don’t you love when someone who’s in a totally different profession reminds you of something you should have known?

Like… your baby’s mohel.

He came for the day-after-the-bris checkin, and asked how G had been the previous night. Miserable. We had a miserable night.

“Well, did he sleep during the day?”

Yep. A lot.

And he reminded me that the bris is very stimulating for a new baby, and they tend to sleep during the day to recover from it, and then have a backlash at night.

Heh. Right. I knew that!

Baby brain, Chaya Shifra?

I ended up joining the family on Hoshana Rabba instead of staying in my room – it was just too hard to be out of things – but we re-situated everything so that the baby would have a place to sleep on the main floor and I wouldn’t have to walk far to get him.

I got a backlash from the girls for that. They started acting out a bit and being a little more kvetchy.

It’s interesting because my sister said that they were totally fine until then – though why they were OK when I was hibernating in my room for a week after not being home for 3 days, and then once I was present (albeit in a snood and robe) started acting out is totally beyond me.

I also ended up starting PUPD again this week (though I hadn’t planned on it!). I had put G down for a couple minutes right before he was supposed to start his nap so that I could grab a diaper for him… and by the time I came back he was fast asleep!

YES! He CAN do it! (*phew* I’ll admit I was a bit nervous. I mean, hear I am telling everyone this stuff works, and my own baby doesn’t follow?)

So… once he showed me that, I went all in. PUPD for every nap. Some times it’s taken longer and some times it’s taken shorter, but he’s actually falling asleep on his own (and he wasn’t even 2 weeks old yet when he started! Yayyyy!!).

I’ve worked with so many newborns, and heard from my clients about it happening, but to actually see it with my own baby – especially after the miserable nightmare this stage was with my twins…. it’s like a miracle.

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