#3under2 – Three Weeks Old

Welcome to real life, Chaya Shifra.

My family left, bein hazmanim is over… and now it’s me and all three of my adorable, crying kids.

OK, I’ll be fair – they’re not ALWAYS crying. And my babysitter is still here in the mornings four days a week.

But the girls are still adjusting. Very much still adjusting. Naps are very unpredictable at this point – they’ll go into their cribs and chat/laugh/run around for an hour or two… and sometimes sleep. And they’re both VERY kvetchy and clingy.

Of course, I know that this is normal, but it doesn’t make things any easier.

B”H the baby’s napping well. He’s falling asleep by himself for all of his naps, and crying out maybe once or twice – but usually under a minute before he’s quiet.

Nights, though, are a different story.

I’ve tried doing PUPD for up to TWO HOURS on more than one occasion, and he just won’t do it. Really, the trouble is that he’s a prop snob; he doesn’t mind falling asleep with a prop, but once it’s gone, he won’t stay asleep for even a second (and, of course, like my twins, he HATES the swing).

So that means that he absolutely HAS to go to sleep on his own… but just can’t!

He seems to be more of a sensitive baby – so probably even the 45 minutes is too much for him when he’s got his two crazy sisters all over him, and yelling and, of course, crying.

I started playing with a middle-of-the-night-back-to-sleep routine – if it works for naps, maybe it’ll work for night, too? – and he seems to be doing better with that.

I’m also going to take him to see a chiropractor, as he seems to have a slight rightward tilt of his head. Maybe that’s the problem…? And maybe not…

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