#3under2 – Four Weeks Old

Can I tell you a secret?

Don’t tell any of my newborn clients. Really. Because I encourage them to take off from work as long as they can, and at least to wait till 8 weeks… and I just took on my first client since Sir G was born.

And he was only 3.5 weeks old when we started.

Yeah, I know. I’m crazy.

But look – working for me, means chatting with a client I love (you know who you are!! ?) every other day or so and answering her emails… while I’m in a robe over my pjs and a snood.

I’m not leaving the house, bundling three kids up in the already-wintery October or anything like that.

But still, I’m feeling kinda crazy.

I know if I tell my business coach (who, by the way, is also my hypnobirthing instructor), she’d be shocked (to say the least), and I know that if I was my own client, I’d strongly dissuade myself, but so far so good.

No, life is nowhere near normal, and I’m nowhere near back to myself, but I love what I do.

And trust me – if you did what I do, you would too! I love talking with and getting to know the amazing mothers that I work with, I love watching the transformation happen, love hearing the difference between our first call and our last.

And it’s been so so so long since I worked with anyone (I stopped accepting new clients when I was about 35 weeks, G wasn’t born till 41.5 and he’s 4 weeks old now… do the math ?.) and it’s so INVIGORATING.

Of course I still have my babysitter coming every day, and my amazing client is totally fine when I nurse Sir G in the middle of our sessions, so that’s how I make it possible.

I feel like I’m two different people – there’s the morning, when I have help, and I’m working (only an hour or two, but still), and things are easy and relaxing…

And the afternoon when the wild indians are unleashed singing war songs around my house. OK, it’s not that bad. Well, not all the time. But some of the time it is.

Did I mention yet that my twins are still adjusting?

As in clingy, kvetchy, nap-regression still adjusting?

And that… my delightful Sir G is still VERY VERY VERY much a newborn? Sure, we’ve got the independent sleep thing down pat, and nights are getting better, but that does not mean every nap is perfect – not by any stretch!

We had a chessed girl over this afternoon, and, b”H she’s a family friend and knows the girls and deals with my sleep consulting mishugasin, because Sir G needed some attention to fall asleep while Miss S was sobbing at the bottom of the stairs because she wanted me to carry her up (at 22 months, she’s not really chapping the concept of “Mommy can’t pick you up”, know what I mean?)…

The irony of it all is that I was so excited for the newborn stage for one reason only: it’s ok to nurse the baby to sleep. But my cute little prop snob has taken that option away… so here we are with only the tough part of the newborn stage.

1 month down, only 2 more to go…

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