#3under2 – Five Weeks Old

When is it going to be OVER?

Somehow the weeks pass quickly (Oh, it’s Shabbos again?) but the days are interminably long. I wake up, and for the next 5 years I’m mommying, and mommying and mommying. And putting G down for a nap, and feeding him, and trying to keep the girls from changing G’s diaper (yes, they did try that on more than one occasion – and it always ended in G making a mess all over himself. Boys.).

Monday through Thursday is better – the babysitter is here, so she’s helping with both the girls and G, but by the time Sunday rolls around and I’ve been doing 3 days nearly on my own (I know there’s Shabbos, but somehow between shul and shul, my husband doesn’t end up being home all that much on Shabbos), I’m ready to go on vacation without any of them.

So here I am complaining about the newborn stage when I was dreaming rosily of it at the end of my pregnancy… *sigh*.

At least I know it’s going to get better.

Nights are starting to look up for G – his circadian cycle is learning its thing and once he only woke up twice. (Yay!)

We’re coming to six weeks, now so hopefully that will start to become more consistent in the future.

It’s so fascinating to see how different he is week to week – last week he just started smiling, he’s sleeping better at night, and generally being more consistent during the day.

But it will be nice when the newborn stage is over and I don’t have to be as worried about him crying for more than a minute alone.

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