#3under2 – Nine Weeks Old

Remember that tongue-clicking thing I mentioned a couple weeks ago?

So our amazing medical advocate here in Chicago, pulled some strings and got me in with the top pediatric ENT downtown.

And the appointment was FINALLY today.

I think the hardest part of the whole thing was finding a babysitter for my girls – the appointment was at 2 (when they squeeze you in, you don’t have the liberty of choosing the time that’ll work best for you!)

So, after a lot of finagling, and calling, I finally was able to arrange childcare (because let me tell you – some people think I’m supermom with 3 under 2, but I’m not. And taking all three of my kids downtown, parking, finding the ENT, sitting in the office, shlepping them back to the car and then going home is NOT my idea of normal. Forget fun – it would probably be dysfunctional.)

So the babysitter comes, I toss a pan of chicken from the freezer into the oven (I made about 20 pans of a slightly tweaked version of “Mommy’s Chicken”, courtesy of Between Carpools, (I replaced the sauce with spices) before Sir G was born – check out #2 HERE), hop in the car, and off we go.

But here’s the first thing: he doesn’t really believe in lip ties. Well, I should rephrase that – he hasn’t found that lip ties make any kind of difference. And, as a top ENT, he’s not afraid to tell me that.

OK, fine.

But there is definitely a tongue tie, and it’s affecting his eating (and my comfort), so we can clip the tongue tie.


He went over the procedure with me, told me what to expect, and reassured me that I’ll nurse him right after, and most babies nurse totally normally immediately after.


They swaddle him, and hold him down. Open his mouth, and snip.

And boy was he sad. I took him, I nursed him.

And he clicked.

I kept trying to readjust, but… he still clicked.

The doctor came back in when I was done, and I asked him.

“Look,” he told me, “your baby is 2 months old; most babies get clipped a lot earlier. He’s used to nursing the wrong way; you have to give him time to adjust.”

Makes sense.

I just hope it happens quickly…

(Oh, and by the way – when I got home, I discovered that the pan had a hole and leaked chicken juice on the oven floor, making the whole apartment fill with smoke so my babysitter and girls were at a neighbor. Moral of the story – “Mommy’s Chicken” is great – but put a pan underneath. Because it’s better to play it safe.)

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Comments (2)
  1. Chaya

    That is so sad! About the chicken, I mean. I am a huge believer in food from the freezer and it’s supposed to work!
    And now I’m super curious what happened with the clicking in the end… but I guess I will just have to wait until next week.

    • Food from the freezer does work – just make sure the pan doesn’t leak! ?

      Chaya Shifra