You love your kids.

Of course you love your kids.

And you want to be able to be the best mother you possibly can be for them – but you feel so overwhelmed and frustrated and EXHAUSTED.

You wonder why it’s so hard to do what you want to be doing and why you’re so miserable sometimes.

Do you

 Wake up too many times at night with your child?

 Have to do a song and dance every night to put him to bed?

 Feel like the non-schedule during the day is just not normal?

 Have no idea what to do to make a change – and reading a book is just not going to cut it?

Maybe your child is throwing tantrums, acting out, or just plain not listening to what you say and you’re totally at a loss as to how to address it.

Maybe he’s kvetchy all. day. long. and you just wish he could play nicely on the floor and you could all enjoy how cute he is.

Maybe you’re expecting, too, and have no idea how you’re going to be up with TWO babies all night long – or you’re already up all night with multiple children.

And to make matters worse, your kid isn’t the only one being affected by lack of sleep.

You also…

 Are drained, frustrated and burnt out

 Don’t want to be an exhausted wreck of a mother

 Feel guilty that you get so frustrated with her

 Feel overwhelmed and stressed and just not managing.

Any of that sound familiar?

You just want to be able to function normally, and there is no way you can do this for kid after kid after kid for the next 20 years.

Imagine going from dreading what today or tonight will look like to actually waking up in the morning calm and rested, ready to spend a day enjoying your kids.


What if your day had a predictable structure and you could actually enjoy bedtime and have a peaceful night?

Imagine feeling confident that you are armed with the tools you need to keep things on track AND swing back when you have a nutty day (or week!)

Picture your impossible sleeper falling asleep by himself every night and feeling so proud of himself.

What if you had more time to spend with your husband and other kids?

Because it’s not just about this kid not sleeping well

There’s more to the issue bubbling underneath the surface. You need a solution so that your family can get the rest they need, so that you can feel like a person again and be the mother and wife you want to be.

It’s time to transform your motherhood experience from just getting through the day, to you actually having the space and mental clarity to be able to laugh when your kids spill out a newly-opened container of oatmeal.

And that is exactly why I created the Motherhood Transformation program.

What’s included in your motherhood transformation experience is:


Tell Me EVERYTHING Questionnaire

This is all about you, your baby and your family – so we’ll start off by customizing this experience for YOU. You’ll tell me everything about what your day looks like, what your struggles are, what you’re doing – so that this plan will be yours.

A Customized Sleep & Daytime Plan built just for you and your family

This is no “tear out of a book” or “pull off the Internet” one size fits all kinda thing – it’s the real deal. Because you and your family are unique.

Private 90 Minute Consultation

We’ll meet (virtually, of course) and go over the plan in detail – so you can feel 100% confident as you move forward. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have and clarify everything as you get started.

6 weeks of in-depth follow-up support

No two children are the same and every single one of my clients charts their own path – which can be a bit bumpy at times. We’ll speak regularly during our time together, and you’ll have access to me by email to fine-tune and smooth out any bumps you hit along the way.

Wrap Up and Move Forward phone call

We’ll discuss what you can expect from your baby AFTER our time together too – no surprises for you, Super Mommy!

ALL My “Moving Forward” Guides In Your Back Pocket


Life happens! Travel, transitions, moving, yom tov, time changes… all the things that can mess with a baby’s amazing sleep skills. But not your baby! 

This guide bundle – including nap transitions, awake time limits, travel and vacation, early morning wakeups and clock changes – will walk you through the upcoming months so you know exactly what to do to keep that sleep on track.

And that means that you’ll:

       💛 Have a more predictable routine.

       💛 Have a ridiculous amount of knowledge and self-confidence in parenting your little kid.

       💛 Be able to get back to doing the things you want (and need!) to do.

       💛 Have more time for your other kids, your husband and yourself.


This is what you want for yourself, your children, your family as a whole. And there is no other program in the world that will enable you to do that.

My Motherhood Transformation package is specifically tailored to enable frum mothers like you feel confident and calm, sleep well and have the tools and skills you and your children need to love being a mother.

You are ready to make this transformation. And I would love to guide you in this process.

The investment for Motherhood Transformation is

1 payment of $2997
3 payments of $1000

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Press this lovely yellow button to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to find out how I help amazing mothers like you and get your questions answered.

Step 2: Stick a reminder in your calendar!

Step 3. At the scheduled time of our call, we’ll chat! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 4. Then we’ll get started!

Have questions? Shoot me an email.

Wondering what moms I work with are saying?

“I wish I knew about you earlier…”

We feel such freedom and light-heartedness to have a dependable schedule. We are able to plan to go at night and get a baby sitter NO PROBLEM! I can leave things for after bedtime (laundry, daily clean up, reading, going for a walk, etc.) because I know I’ll have that time. I can also get to bed in time to have energy for the next day.

Your support and confidence inspired us that change was possible. Referring to your clear sleep plan helped us be on the same page and cut out struggling over decisions.

-Temima E.

“I’m a calmer mother now”

I’m a busy working mother of four, and before we started, I couldn’t tackle a sink full of dishes or a load of laundry and expect to finish the job because Motty would inevitably wake up and cry. The other children were not able to get proper attention because Motty’s needs seemed more pressing.

After working together, he is now able to put himself to sleep. He doesn’t need me to nurse him, rock him, or push him in the stroller. He is able to get enough hours of restful sleep to be happy during the day.

I have more time for the other children (and myself!), and more time to bond with Motty, especially in the bedtime and nap time routines we implemented.

-Sara H.